Deep Cleanings


Deep Cleanings

If it has been many years since you’ve had a professional cleaning, a deep cleaning may be needed. Over long periods of time, calculus can and will begin to accumulate not only on the teeth above the gumline, but also on the root surface of the teeth deep under your gums.

Bacteria thrive on the surface of calculus that builds up under the gums–it is the perfect environment for them! The presence of these bacteria will eventually cause the gums to become inflamed and worse yet, will lead to the loss of bone around the roots of the teeth. This condition, known as periodontitis, can lead to loose teeth and eventual tooth loss if left unchecked. Halting periodontitis begins with a deep cleaning and is followed by regular 3 to 6 month visits where our hygienists will continue to clean your teeth thoroughly, never giving bacteria the chance to resettle.

Deep cleanings, or Scaling/Root Planing, are typically performed over the course of 2 to 4 separate appointments. This allows us the time to make sure that every tooth in your mouth is completely free of plaque and tartar and also gives your gums enough time to heal up and settle down between visits. After your deep cleaning, we maintain your perfectly clean teeth and gums with those touch up cleanings every three months!




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