Conservative Philosophy


Conservative Philosophy

Conservative dentistry is the key to minimizing dental problems in the future. When you come in for your initial exam, regular checkup, or to get a second opinion, Dr. Eric will create a conservative treatment plan custom tailored to your needs. Why perform a crown when a filling will do? Why do a filling when semiannual fluoride applications can stop a small cavity in its tracks? Our goal is to always save you time, money, and anxiety when it comes to your teeth. That is why we are now available for you late evenings after work and in the early morning before you start your busy day. Whether its for a cleaning, to paint on a little fluoride varnish, or to restore an implant, we are here for you no matter your schedule. So that we can catch small issues before they can become big ones. So that we can take the best care of you possible. So that you can get busy living and enjoying life!



We are at the forefront of preventive health practice in Camarillo. We will keep your smile in top shape with the minimum amount of dental work!

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